Onsite computer service, pc repair and web design for commercial and residential users in Macon, Georgia and the entire Middle Georgia area. If your needs are hardware, software, security or network related, commercial or home, we can utilize the latest technologies to make sure you are running as efficiently as possible. We have very reasonable rates and we strive to provide the best service around.



When your company's computer systems go down you can depend on our IT professionals to troubleshoot the problem. Our technocians have plenty of experience required to fix any problem you may be experiencing. At Mobile Technologies LLC we provide support with proactive maintenance and rapid response for all of your company’s desktops, laptops, Servers etc...




Computer & Networking Support


With over 25 years of experience we have the knowledge to keep your business up and running efficiently. We do a complete analysis and offer consultation for free. That is how sure we can help. Our goal is to make your business as profitable as we can by making sure you are using the latest technology effectively.


We're here for you with on-site, on-call computer repair expertise and remote support services for your desktops, laptops, notebooks, netbooks, servers, networks, printers, devices. Use our repair services on demand or choose a monthly support plan.



Outsourced Support Solutions

We offer free estimates for dependable, professional computer repair throughout the Middle Georgia area. Outsourcing your computer support needs will not only save your company money by not having to add personnel but will assure that you have trained professionals providing you the best possible care. Call us today for your free initial consultation.



Backup Management Solutions

Being prepared for the unknown is important. Just ask anyone who has lost data. But how many of us actually do back up our data and how often? Very few people including businesses have backups that were made within the past month or three, if anything at all. But still, everyone acknowledges that they need to backup.


At Mobile Technologies LLC we make sure your data is secure with state of the art backup and security assuring your data is protected and can be easily restored.Data protection can range anywhere from creating a disk image to using multiplexing to backup multiple data streams, or multiple computers, simultaneously.


Having a good backup management system is also essential for quick retrieval of archived digital files, graphics, music, audio, voice overs, dvd projects etc... Image being able to securly access your data anywhere you are on multiple devices. Let us help you make it a reality.